Secure Your Online Presence with Microsoft Edge’s Password Monitor

Protect yourself online with Microsoft Edge's Password Monitor feature. Learn how it works, why it's important, and how to enable it for enhanced security.

Hello Finc IT readers! In this week’s tip, we’re diving into a feature that bolsters your online security - Microsoft Edge’s Password Monitor. This tool is designed to protect your online accounts by alerting you if any of your passwords have been compromised.

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What is Password Monitor?

Password Monitor is a feature in Microsoft Edge that scans your saved passwords against a database of known leaked credentials. If it finds a match, it alerts you so you can change your password immediately. This proactive approach helps prevent your accounts from being hijacked.

How Does It Work?

When you enable Password Monitor for the first time, Microsoft Edge checks all your saved passwords against a large database of known leaked passwords. If any of your username-password pairs match those in the database, they’ll appear on the Password Monitor page in Microsoft Edge Settings. Any passwords listed there are no longer safe to use and should be changed immediately.

After the initial scan, every username-password combination will be checked each time it is used (meaning saved or auto-filled). To scan all your passwords again, you can select the ‘Scan now’ button on the Password Monitor page.

Why Use Password Monitor?

In the digital age, data leaks are unfortunately common, with hundreds of millions of usernames and passwords exposed online each year. These leaked credentials often end up for sale on the online black market, leaving accounts vulnerable to hijacking.

Password Monitor helps protect your online accounts by informing you when any of your passwords have been compromised, so you can update them. Changing passwords immediately is the best way to prevent your account from being hijacked.

How to Enable Password Monitor?

To enable Password Monitor in Edge, press Edge’s Alt + F hotkey. Click Settings, then select Passwords. Toggle the ‘Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak’ option if it’s off.


In conclusion, the Password Monitor feature in Microsoft Edge is a powerful tool that can help secure your online presence. By alerting you to compromised passwords, it allows you to take immediate action and protect your accounts. Stay safe online, Finc IT readers!

Learn more about Password Monitor and remember to check back soon for another helpful tip!

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