Tip of the Week | Stay Organized and Send Notes by Chatting with Yourself

Stay organized and efficient by utilizing the Chat with Self feature in Microsoft Teams. Send notes, stay organized, and access your content easily across devices.

A Chat with Self is a private space for sending notes and content. It helps you access your notes and content across different devices easily.

Tip: Chat with yourself in Microsoft Teams

Chatting with yourself in Microsoft Teams is a useful feature that allows you to send notes and messages to yourself. Whether you need to jot down a quick reminder or save important information, using the Chat with Self feature can help you stay organized and keep all your notes in one place.

Some possible use cases for "chat with yourself" include 

  • make notes
  • Send yourself images or files
  • list things you must do
  • or maybe just let off some steam about the latest mistake by co-workers/management/anyone else in a one-way conversation.

This will show up automatically in your pinned chat lists, and you can choose to keep it there or remove it. If they choose to remove it, the chat will just live in the chat list. If you want to find it again, you can click on New Chat, type in your own name, and start chatting with yourself again. 

The content in the self-chat is searchable through the search bar at the top of the chat list, however, you cannot (yet) search for yourself in that search box. 

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